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Child Support Attorney


Pinellas County Child Support Attorneys -  Child support in Florida is based upon the parents' incomes, daycare/after school care, health insurance and other expenses, and the time-sharing schedule.  If the child support paying parent has more than twenty percent of the overnights with a child then that parent will receive a reduction in support according to the guidelines for each overnight over twenty percent.    The Florida child support guidelines govern the amount of child support to be paid, and there are only rare instances where Court will order a significant deviation from the guidelines.  


Some clients with child support issues ask us “What happens to child support if the other parent quits his/her job?” or “What happens to child support if the other parent works 'under the table'?”  Sometimes in these instances the court will impute or attribute income to that parent and will order child support according to guidelines based upon that parent’s earning capability, not what they are actually earning at the time.  The parent’s earning capacity is generally based upon their work history, earnings history, education and vocational skills. Contact Attorney Valentine at 727-536-0022 to schedule a free child support consultation today.  

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